Every month, we’ll be catching up with a past Flash Forward winner to see what they’re up to today. We’ll inquire about their most recent projects, their latest reflections in regards to the photographic medium, the evolution of their practice, the challenges they’ve overcome, the milestones they’ve achieved and those they’re working towards, and what continues to inspire them.



A look at projects who were commended by Flash Forward in the past that continue to inspire us and feel as relevant as ever.

Experimental Relationship Yijun Liao, 2011 Flash Forward Winner
Made in Durham Justin Cook, 2017 Flash Forward Winner

Jurors Choices

Ever wonder what goes through jurors’ mind as they’re sifting through hundreds of application? What they’re looking for in photo project? How they decide who deserves to win? Search no more.

Once a month, one of this year’s Flash Forward juror will reveal the reasons behind their choices.


Each month, we will be hosting a roundtable with photographers in hopes of engaging discussion on questions of representation, ethics, responsibility, aesthetics and/or process. And, the exchange will continue during the following weeks thanks to responses from other practitioners. Want to participate, email your thoughts to