Flash Forward Flash Back

Welcome to the NEW website for ALL Flash Forward winners, past and present.

Flash Forward, in all its award-winning formats, has been a life-changing career boost for young photographers since its inception 13 years ago. This program for supporting and encouraging emerging artists in Canada and worldwide began with an idea to invest in artists barely out of university. When we started all those years ago, we had no idea the impact the program would have nor that it would be a trail-blazer for other arts organizations. Flash Forward made celebrating and investing in artists in the early stages of their careers a reality.

With a desire to create a larger legacy, Magenta is now taking a new direction with our web presence. The site will now feature all past and present Flash Forward winners, with guest editors bringing together the family of artists whose careers we have helped to launch. This new platform will augment the visibility of Flash Forward participants and continue to elevate Magenta’s legacy within the visual arts.

With the new Flash Forward, Magenta will continue to start conversations that promote awareness, engagement, education and acceptance worldwide. We will create an expansive visual language base, supporting the work of artists who are doing all they can to make the world a better place. And we will continue to showcase and celebrate emerging talent in all its forms.

We are excited to share with you a rough first-draft of our new showcase website for the Flash Forward Competition. As the design evolves, we hope you’ll return to see the new content and exciting features we’re working on.


“I found the Bright Spark shortlist extremely painful to pare down to five, which only confirms the incredible level of talent this prize attracts. I look forward to finding out which photographers made it to the shortlist.”
Lucy Conticello, Photography Director, M, Le magazine du Monde

“I have been really impressed with the youthfulness and quality of the photographers. It makes it hard to reject them and I know how hard it is to find a language so early in their careers.”
Azu Nwagbogu, Director, AAF/LagosPhoto

“I was blown away by the quality and breadth of the work. The range of topics, aesthetics and perspectives was very impressive and eye-opening. Unlike many juries I have participated in, I found that nearly all the submissions were strong, and had to thoroughly read each artist statement to make my selection. I came away from the experience feeling that I have learned something important about our global community from being exposed to such a variety of insights, ideas and connections through this process. I am grateful for the opportunity to experience the images and stories of what feels like some of the most talented young photographers in the world.”
Devan Patel, Director, Project Gallery