Grace a Portrait (Summer 2016) from the series Grace


Published December 12, 2017
Photos & Words by Emily Rose Larsen, 2017 Flash Forward Winner

Grace is an ongoing project documenting the journey of a young woman through adolescence.

A case study in confidence, strength and growth, Grace has allowed me the privilege of sharing her intimate journey over the last seven years. At twelve she was diagnosed with a fast acting, little understood illness of the breast tissue that, within 9 months, resulted in an emergency double mastectomy.

  • Grace in June 2015 and Grace in June 2016 from the series Grace

  • Pomegranate (2016) and Grace Soaking (2016) from the series Grace

How can collaborations between photographer and photographed be opportunities for healing, self-discovery and self-affirmation?

Her experience with puberty has been everything but traditional, much like the young woman herself. A cool spring in the scorching wastelands of societies expectations of young women, she embraces her own inherent worth and trudges her own path.

Emily Rose Larsen earned her B.F.A. in Photography at the School of Visual Arts, NYC. Before fully dedicating her time to the arts she earned her B.A. in Psychology at Flagler College, FL. She works in NYC as a photographer, printer and specialized retoucher. Emily’s enduring interest lies in the space between the human experience and reality. The intangible fuzzy cloud that allows us to continue forward as we rotate between functional ignorance and the horror of realization.