Flash Forward, in all its award-winning formats, has been a life-changing career boost for young photographers since its inception 14 years ago. This program for supporting and encouraging emerging artists in Canada and worldwide began with an idea to invest in artists barely out of university. When we started all those years ago, we had no idea the impact the program would have, nor that it would be a trail-blazer for other arts organizations. Flash Forward made celebrating and investing in artists in the early stages of their careers a reality.

With a desire to create a larger legacy, Magenta is now taking a new direction with our web presence. The site aims to be a space for compelling and critical discussions on photography. Already, the Flash Forward competition has taken on a new direction: to stand up for the under-served artists focusing on the major issues of our time. This year, this meant the introduction of four new categories—racial issues, climate and the environment, LGBTQ+ issues, and female-identifying photographers—each with dedicated prizes. It is only fitting that the associated online publication, Flash Forward Flash Back, would follow suit and rethink how it can best serve the photographic community.

Beyond continuing to feature past and present Flash Forward winners through profiles and highlights, the site will also invite guest editors to present their coup de cœur, that is the photographers whose work they admire, host discussions with practitioners around questions relating to the medium and its usages, and list some of the incredible new projects, commissions, exhibitions and publications.

The new online publication is also a space for experimentation with form and content. In a bid to start conversations on awareness, engagement, education and acceptance worldwide, readers are invited to share their thoughts on the different formats that will be introduced as well as the work and reflections shared. Questions at the end of certain posts will prompt further discussion and photographers are invited to share their news with the Flash Forward team at any time. Please email: info@magentafoundation.com

We are excited to share with you what we hope is the beginning of a thriving online publication that showcases international talent, inspires critical thoughts and contributes to the development of an expansive, respectful visual language and an equally diverse and just community of photographers. As we evolve, we hope you’ll return to see the new content and exciting features we’re working on.

Magenta Foundation