You Are Not Your Own

I am interested in the idealized and unrealistic expectations of beauty that are placed on a woman by her society and by her peers, and most importantly by the self.

In womanhood, we weave our public faces by strands of these expectations, but what I am interested in finding is when those strands snap, when the proposed image collapses. As we attempt to achieve the physical perfection that our super ego creates for us, there is a failure that must be accepted or even welcomed.

For there is no logical way to believe fully in the fantasies that we create for ourselves, and I like to focus on the moment that my subjects realize that. In fact, the most beautiful moment to me is when my subject realizes that she is wearing a ballgown in the kitchen. It’s the magic within the cracks of the facade.

Kyra Kennedy (b.1993) is a photographer currently working in Santa Fe, NM, and a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design photography department, where she was awarded the Foundation Auction Award. She has shown work at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, and was also selected for the Fotofilmic ‘15 traveling show. She has been granted multiple scholarships to attend workshops at Maine Media Workshops + College, and at Anderson Ranch in Aspen Colorado. Her work has been nationally and internationally shown. Kyra makes work that revolves around the cyclical nature of beauty, and the complicated relationships between a woman’s self identity and her environment, as well as a woman’s relationships with other women. She often uses the women in her family to portray these ideas, but has most recently been looking towards women competing in pageantry.