Transformation is my first experience hanging out with anyone of Transgender sex so this snippet/peep into the personal lives of these individuals was not only insightful but humbling.

My expectations were immeasurable, I was open to everything and nothing considering I was going in blind. My references were stories/anecdotes about a character which I thought I would never have the opportunity to meet and 4months later after being proposed the “idea” of meeting B it happened and what a delight it was.

Her smile was wide, her figure an hour glass, her hair is perfectly cut, highlighted & blow dried. B walked with grace, who dressed in classic attire even regal in some aspects, high neck lined dresses, floral prints and red boots. She was confidence personified.

During in this meeting I went on my own transformation and thats what I want for my audience, to have a similar impact. Closing the doors to what is negatively portrayed in public and opening the mind to what is REAL, celebrating difference, applauding bravery and hopefully inspire others to be true to themselves. As I walked away with a better understanding not only of the transgender sex but of myself in terms of the defining my own femininity.

Denisha Anderson was born in South London where her curiosity for cameras began at 16yr when she bought her first camera. A BA Hons graduate of The Arts University Bournemouth in Film Production, Denisha specialised in Cinematography.

Independently, Denisha makes documentaries which are always centered around human nature/the human being itself. This obsession and passion to capture truth can be seen in her photography work. In the vain of documentary Denisha constantly pushes boundaries in the topics she discuss’ to evoke thought within the viewer hopefully in an intimate, reflective and in some parts a challenging capacity.