Malleable Privilege

A reflection of consumer culture on a personal level

Photographer and artist Maya Fuhr is interested in altering perceptions of the fashion industry by highlighting its inherent contradictions and flaws.

In a culture that is lead by visuality, clothing can communicate who we are before we even speak. Altering perceptions of the fashion industry by highlighting its inherent contradictions and flaws, photographer and artist Maya Fuhr focuses on how clothing is used to communicate self-image, expression and identity with Malleable Privilege.

Archiving Fuhr’s personal and professional interaction with consumer culture, this body of work is a series of diptychs that oscillates between contradictions: the effortless and the contrived, the normative and the unique, the superficial and the profound, the universal and the particular, and the rational and the intuitive.

  • Hot in the 80s

    Hot in the 80s

  • If Looks Could Kill

    If Looks Could Kill

  • Garbage Girl

    Garbage Girl

  • Plasticene Era

    Plasticene Era

  • Cut Make Trim

    Cut Make Trim

  • Life’s a Beach

    Life’s a Beach

  • This Is That

    This Is That

With a soft focus and a sharp attention to detail, Fuhr tells a story that allows the viewer to consider the where, what, who and why of the fashion industry. By documenting the aim of a label or designer, the vulnerability in a model’s pose or the subtle confidence of a chosen outfit, Fuhr visually communicates a representation that lies outside traditional industry framework.

From the detrimental environmental effects to the damaging cycle of unattainable standards of beauty and wealth, the fashion industry can be inaccessible at best and harmful at worst. Within this framework, Malleable Privilege is a reflection of consumer culture on a personal level.

Waste Water

Waste Water

The Blonds

The Blonds

An examination of the space within and outside the fashion world, Malleable Privilege considers the impact of consumerism, the use of clothing as armour and the way the two converge in the development of personal expression. —Ariella Starkman

Maya Fuhr

Maya Fuhr has produced engaging yet elusive images over the past 10 years. She currently lives and works in Toronto and New York. Maya’s work can be found in private collections both in Canada and the United States and has been shown in exhibitions worldwide; showing at galleries in Paris, New York, Tel Aviv and Toronto. Her best known exhibitions have been “Lemonless” at the AGO Art Gallery of Ontario and “Garbage Girls” at Artemisia in Tel Aviv.